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In the Becoming

I photograph everything I see: portraits, landscapes, industrial and urban views, animals - it does not matter what’s in the frame, the shot should be an environmental reflection. Hard to say what appeals to me more, as you find something special in every type of photography. My idea of shooting is to not to get stuck in a certain method, but to constantly search and keep ‘becoming’.

I like to picture casual passers in the streets, and the second they notice a camera pointing on them, I shoot: their first reaction is usually very vivid and natural, very real.

I find portrait photographing the most challenging. I'm not talking about the technical part - how to put the light, shutter speed, aperture, which lens to take (though to see all the technicalities of the upcoming shooting is also its kind of art) - I mean working directly with the person, awaking their nature in the unnatural conditions of a photo session, being able to see the unique part of a person, their characteristic features, and to seize the moment: click, and you captured that moment in eternity.

Maria Vinova is a photographer from Kiev

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